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Mojo keramiek is a very fast growing Dutch company. We sell ceramic kilns, glaskilns and industrial kilns
to the Dutch, Belgian and German market.

We apologize for the fact that our website is in Dutch only.

Our Primus kiln is a high quality kiln. 3 year of warranty may confirm the fact that our kiln hardly ever causes any problem. As we are situated on the continent, it is not realistic to say that we can offer you a good service. Your own pottery supplier is very well capable to service any kiln. Changing the electrical elements (we have them on stock) of the Primus kiln is very simple; almost anyone can do this by himself.

For further information please send us an e-mail, or contact us by telephone. We will gladly answer all your questions.

Our number one kiln is the Primus!

We can offer you this high quality kiln for a very sharp price.

In our web shop you will find pictures and prices.

Go to: Keramiekoven -Bovenladers Primus. Specifications Primus kiln:

  • CE-marked
  • Touchscreen controller, 16 programms,
  • Every programm has 16 sections
  • Kiln, touchscreen controller and wheels all included
  • Electrical elements Kanthal A 1 wire
  • Thermocouple Pt-Rh-Pt
  • Kiln brick thickness 7,6 cm
  • Ceramic fiber blanket 2,5 cm
  • Stainless steel
  • Very simple replacement of electrical elements
  • Delivery time: 4 weeks
  • Shipment 110 euro
  • 3 year warranty